Summary table

Administrative and office secretaries
Advertising and marketing professionals 
Agricultural technicians
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics   
Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers
Broadcasting and audiovisual technicians
Building construction labourers
Building finishers and related trades workers
Cabinet-makers and related workers  
Child care workers and teachers’ aides
Contact centre salespersons 
Creative and performing artists 
Database and network professionals
Domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers
Electrical equipment installers and repairers
Electronics and Telecommunications Installers and Repairers 
Garden and horticultural labourers 
Hairdressers, beauticians and related workers
Hotel manager
Information and Communications Technology Operations and User Support Technicians
Interior Carpenter 
Keyboard operators 
Lifting truck operators 
Logistics and distribution manager   
Machinery mechanics and repairers
Mechanical machinery assemblers    
Personal Care Workers in Health Service
Plant and machine operators and assemblers 
Restaurant manager
Retail and wholesale trade manager
Sales and Purchasing Agents and Brokers 
Shop Salespersons
Social work and counselling professionals
Social work associate professionals
Software and applications developers and analysts
Subsistence farmers, fishers, hunters and gatherers 
Travel attendants, conductors and guides
Waiters and bar-tenders
Welders and flamecutters   
Wood treaters