Collaboratore polivalente nelle strutture ricettive e ristorative

Certification authority: 
Regional authorities competent for vocational training
EQF Level of the qualification: 
European Credit Transfer Scale (ECTS): 
IT Italy
Evaluate the core competences
needed for this job
Core competences 
Collaborate with the work team present in the accommodation and restaurant.
Organizzare operazioni finalizzate alla funzionalità, al decoro e all'igiene della struttura ricettiva.
Acting with a behavioral style consistent with the context (hotel or domestic).
How can the certification be obtained? 
Continuous training scheme
Validation of prior learning
Description of the procedure for the validation of prior learning 

As part of specific projects, it is possible to request recognition of skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts. Following this procedure, it is possible to take a professional qualification exam at an accredited vocational training center that provides this type of path.

Documents needed 

In order to obtain recognition, the following documents are accepted:

- certificates of attendance at specific short courses

- certificates of previous work experience

previous employment contracts

- declarations and references from employers and / or private individuals for whom a similar activity has been carried out (including voluntary work)

- self-certifications

Contact point 

Authorized regional training centers

- to carry out the recognition of skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts

- to provide this type of training courses

Indicatively, 12 hours of activity may be required with the center that provides the service of recognition and validation of skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts, in addition to the hours necessary to take the qualification exam
None, if the recognition process is included in a funded project
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
Yes ✅
What is the result of the partial validation? 
Certificate listing the competences already acquired
Then, is it possible to participate to a shorter training course to prepare the full qualification?: 
Yes ✅
Description of the procedure to participate to a training course 

Through a process of recognition of skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts and / or the recognition of previous coherent training experiences, it is possible to obtain training credits that reduce the need to attend the course for the entire duration envisaged by the standards.

Contact point 

Professional training agencies authorized to provide this type of professional path.