Strokovni sodelavec/strokovna sodelavka za programske aplikacije in podatkovne baze

Certification authority: 
Providers of procedures for identifying and validating national vocational qualifications
EQF Level of the qualification: 
SI Slovenia
Evaluate the core competences
needed for this job
Core competences 
Plans, prepares and controls own work and the work of a group.
Makes rational use of energy, material and time.
Ensures the quality and efficiency of own work in the working environment in accordance with regulations and standards.
Protects health and the environment.
Develops entrepreneurial characteristics, skills and behaviour.
Use of information and communication technologies.
Communicates with clients, service providers and co-workers.
Protects the identity of users and their data.
Installs and configures software.
Drafts an implementation solution in a programming language.
Administers a database.
Prepares elements for calculations and offers.
Maintains documentation regarding software solutions and drafts user instructions.
Maintains and organises data in a database and detects attempts at unauthorised use.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Initial training scheme (pupil or student)
Validation of prior learning
Description of the procedure for the validation of prior learning 

Procedure for obtaining a National Vocational Qualification Certificate

In order to start the verification and validation process, it is necessary to submit the application and the personal collection folder, portfolio.

The candidate applies for the procedure on the announced application deadline.


During the counselling process, the candidate prepares a portfolio. The relevant committee assesses the portfolio and recognises the catalogue content in part or full. If the committee is unable to recognise all catalogue content, it assigns tasks to the candidate for verification.


Practical verification with an oral presentation of specialised theoretical knowledge.

A candidate demonstrates the attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.


Documents needed 

Conditions for obtaining a certificate:
secondary general or professional education,
a pre-manufactured database with the appropriate technical documentation and documentation for helping users.



Contact point 

CDI Univerzum

Grošljeva ul. 4, 1000 Ljubljana; tel.: 01/583-92-70;

The link to the list of all national vocational qualifications providers for a professional associate / programmer for software applications and databases:

Duration of training: 90 hours.
Seminar price: 500,00 € incl. VAT, Benefits: - possibility of payment for 3 installments - On a one-time payment you get a 5% discount - unemployed persons receive a 10% discount when submitting a certificate from the Employment Service of Slovenia
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌