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  1. Select the targeted job (= occupation = ESCO professional profile).
  2. Choose the country* in which you would like to work.
  3. Select a certification required in this country for performing this job.
  4. Evaluate if the core competences needed for this job are in line with your experience.
  5. Check how the selected certification can be obtained: if it is possible through validation of prior learning, the procedure to follow is described.

* For the moment, data is provided for 7 EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom


Do you want to check which professional qualifications your professional profile corresponds to in the various countries? Click here or on the table below.



Select the targeted job

Accommodation and food service activities

This section includes the provision of short-stay accommodation for visitors and other travellers and the provision of complete meals and drinks fit for immediate consumption.

Administrative and support service activities

This section includes a variety of activities that support general business operations.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

This section includes the exploitation of vegetal and animal natural resources, comprising the activities of growing of crops, raising and breeding of animals, harvesting of timber and other plants, animals or animal products from a farm or their natural habitats.

Arts, entertainment and recreation

This section includes a wide range of activities to meet varied cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of the general public, including live performances, operation of museum sites, gambling, sports and recreation activities.


This section includes general construction and specialised construction activities for buildings and civil engineering works. It includes new work, repair, additions and alterations, the erection of prefabricated buildings or structures on the site and also construction of a temporary nature.

Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

This section includes the activity of providing electric power, natural gas, steam, hot water and the like through a permanent infrastructure (network) of lines, mains and pipes. The dimension of the network is not decisive; also included are the distribution of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and the like in industrial parks or residential buildings.

Human health and social work activities

This section includes the provision of health and social work activities, in hospitals and other facilities.

Information and communication

This section includes the production and distribution of information and cultural products, the provision of the means to transmit or distribute these products, as well as data or communications, information technology activities and the processing of data and other information service activities.


This section includes the physical or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products, although this cannot be used as the single universal criterion for defining manufacturing. The components transformed are raw materials that are products of agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining or quarrying as well as products of other manufacturing activities.

Other service activities

This section includes the activities of membership organisations, the repair of computers and personal and household goods and a variety of personal service activities not covered in other sections.

Transportation and storage

This section includes the provision of passenger or freight transport, by rail, pipeline, road, water or air and associated activities such as terminal and parking facilities, cargo handling, storage etc. Included in this section is the rental of transport equipment, postal and courier activities.

Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

This section includes wholesale and retail sale of any type of goods, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. Wholesaling and retailing are the final steps in the distribution of merchandise. Also included in this section are the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.