Técnico Superior en Gestión de Alojamientos Turísticos

Certification authority: 
Department of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Autonomous Community
EQF Level of the qualification: 
ES Spain
Evaluate the core competences
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Core competences 
To coordinate the own services of the establishments of tourist lodging, arranging the optimal organizational structures for the management and control of their departments.
To analyse the market and commercialise the accommodation's own basic product, as well as complementary services and products.
Organise and promote events in the establishment itself.
Organise and promote events in the establishment itself, in coordination with the different departments involved, managing the necessary human and material resources.
Supervise the correct customer service, after-sales service and the management of complaints and claims.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Initial training scheme (pupil or student)
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌