Elektroinštalaterski mojster/elektroinštalaterska mojstrica

Certification authority: 
Chamber of Crafts and Small Business of Slovenia
EQF Level of the qualification: 
SI Slovenia
Evaluate the core competences
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Core competences 
Holders of a master craftsman qualification will be able to:.
Organise and manage the work process.
Assure quality for products and services.
Prepare a business plan and analyse the results of work.
Receive customers and provide advice.
Manage the purchase and sale of products or services.
Operate a business rationally and economically (staff, standards and calculation of services).
Draft proposals for the rewarding of co-workers and work to ensure a positive working atmosphere.
Recruit staff and plan their development.
Implement environmental regulations and regulations on safety at work, fire safety and environmental protection.
Transfer knowledge, skills, experience and new developments in the profession to apprentices, students and co-workers.
Carry out the most complex electrical installation work at master technician level.
Plan, build, maintain and check the protection of electrical installations and users against overload, short circuit, touch voltage, lightning strike and overvoltage.
Build, maintain and repair control and regulation devices for controlled electric motor drives, the regulation of direct and alternating current circuits, digital systems and memory-programmed control systems.
Plan, build and repair lighting systems in residential premises, workshops and production halls, exterior lighting systems, special lighting systems and floodlighting.
Build, check, maintain and repair space heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems for households, industry and large structures.
Build, repair and maintain signalling systems and telecommunications and information installations.
Plan, build, check, maintain and repair all types of electrical installations, in particular in wet premises, in conditions where there is a risk of fire, on building sites and in modern conditions (e.g. EIB).
Assemble, connect, put into operation, maintain and prepare appliances, machines, devices and equipment for households, small business and industry.
Find and rectify electrical and mechanical faults in electrical machinery, installations and devices.
Check, put into operation, maintain and repair devices for electricity generation, transmission and supply.
Build and assemble solar cell installations and control and regulation circuits for photovoltaic systems.
Maintain tools, electrical measuring instruments and control instruments, work and shape (transform) metals, insulation materials and installation blocks.
Measure electrical and non-electrical quantities using a measurement protocol, analyses and technical documentation.
Draw up instructions for the maintenance of electrical installations and installed equipment.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Individual application
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌