Opérateur/Opératrice call center

Certification authority: 
Bruxelles formation, Wallon region French Communauty, French Communauty Commission of the Brussels Capital Region
EQF Level of the qualification: 
BE Belgium
Evaluate the core competences
needed for this job
Core competences 
Detecting the needs of the caller/ Finding solutions adapted to the caller.
Finding the necessary files or script to follow during the call.
Respond to complaints and claims.
Enter the information collected in the files created for this purpose.
Check that the caller understands the answer correcty / Referring the caller to another person or department if necessary.
Formulate a commercial proposal.
Confirm the agreement reached with the caller and conclude the conversation.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Initial training scheme (pupil or student)
Continuous training scheme
Individual application
Validation of prior learning
Description of the procedure for the validation of prior learning 

You have at least 18 years old and you have professional competences in the sector but you have no certification.

You may go to a Center of Validation of Competences (CVDC) where after an information session you may pass a validation test evaluate by professionnal of the sector in order to get a competences title recognize by the Wallon Region, French Communauty and the French Communauty of the Brussels Capital Region.    

For more information you have the website: www.validationdescompetences.be and a youtube presentation explaining the process to follow for the validation of prior learning    


In order to obtain a qualification certificate, official proof of professional qualification, the candidate (job seeker or worker) must pass a skills validation test in a certified validation Centre. It is real life professional situations judged by professionals in the field.

The councillor is a privileged contributor in order to orient the candidate towards skills validation as well as in the choice of the skills to validate. He can intervene before the skills validation test but also after it.

After this orientation phase, guidance (individual or collective) linked to the occupation is provided in a certified validation Centre, with a specialist of the occupation. Guidance allows the candidate to position himself in regards of the relevancy of his skills validation procedure and to realize his chances of success. The volunteer registration of the candidate to a validation test can happen in the wake of the guidance process or later.

Once registered and summoned, the candidate passes a validation test or is placed in a real life professional situation. The performance of the candidate is evaluated in an objective way, based on an evaluation chart gathering the essential aspects of a professional performance. The observant, professional of the occupation, verifies the smooth running of the test.

Once the test is over, the jury composed by professionals in the field (the manager of the Centre, the evaluator and the observant), gathers to deliberate.

In case of failure, the candidate can request an appointment with the manager of the Centre or the evaluator who will explain to him precisely the reasons of the failure.

In case of success, the validation Centre can direct the candidate towards information and/or orientation service which will advise him in regards of the most appropriate use of his qualification Certificate.

The advantages of the qualification Certificate

The qualification Certificate is an essential tool in the context of job searching, recruitment or to simplify the access to trainings.

For jobseekers or workers

The qualification Certificate is an official recognition of the skills of a person. It allows people to improve their chances of finding a job or to develop their knowledge.

For employers

The qualification Certificate is also a very useful tool for employers in regards to their recruitment. Most employers interviewed on this matter consider that the qualification Certificate is an attractive alternative for people without certification.

Contact point 

Wallon Region: Carrefour Emploi Formation 


Free phone n°: 0800/93 947

Brussels Region: Bruxelles Formation carrefour

Tel: 0800 555 66 

5 hours
Free for jobseeker
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
Yes ✅
What is the result of the partial validation? 
Certificate listing the competences already acquired
Then, is it possible to participate to a shorter training course to prepare the full qualification?: 
Yes ✅
Description of the procedure to participate to a training course 

You pay pass a test to a Skills Validation Centre (Centre de Validation des Compétences)

Contact point 

In Wallon Region : Carrefour Emploi Formation establish in 12 Walloon cities for example Carrefour Emploi Formation d'Arlon Tél.: +32 63 67 03 32

Free phone nummer of FOREM (Wallon Public Employment Service) 0800/93 947  

Le Forem - Centre d eFormation de Liège: +32 4 241 11 19

In Brussels Region : Bruxelles Carrefour Formation  Tel: 0800 555 66