Vzdrževalec/vzdrževalka računalniške strojne opreme - Nacionalna poklicna kvalifikacija

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Certified organizations for the implementation of the National vocational qualification (NPK)
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SI Slovenia
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Validation of prior learning
Description of the procedure for the validation of prior learning 

National vocational qualifications may be acquired by adults who:

  • have acquired different professional competences in their lives that are not recognized and evaluated;
  • have reached the age of 18, or, exceptionally, the youngsters whose apprentice or apprentice status has expired and who have relevant work experience;
  • they want to go on a career path without having to obtain a higher level of vocational education.

   or to complete the formal education program.

National vocational qualification

(NPK) is:

  • the procedure for obtaining a publicly valid document (certificate);
  • the process of obtaining a profession;
  • the process of recognizing or confirming already acquired knowledge and skills.

The process of acquiring NPKs is generally divided into three sets:

1. candidate application

2. advising the candidate and preparing his collection folder (certificates, proofs, reference letters, articles, acknowledgments ...)

3. verification and validation of NPK


The candidate applies for the procedure on the announced application deadline. Check the implementation queries on the website of the organizations that implement the NPK for a particular profession.


During the counselling process, the candidate prepares a portfolio. The relevant committee assesses the portfolio and recognises the catalogue content in part or full. If the committee is unable to recognise all catalogue content, it assigns tasks to the candidate for verification.

Verification method

Practical verification with an oral presentation.

There are no special conditions.

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating national vocational qualifications are entered in a register of providers maintained in the relevant collection of the National Reference Point for Occupational Qualifications. Providers include: vocational schools, companies, inter-company training centres, adult education centres, chambers of commerce, etc.

A candidate demonstrates the attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.



Documents needed 

Structure and possible content of the candidate's collection folder

The collection folder prepared by the NPK candidate with the assistance of an adviser in the process of verification and validation of the NPK consists of the following points:

• Evidence by which the candidate proves the fulfillment of special conditions (point 2.2 of the catalog of standards of professional skills and knowledge)

• Curriculum vitae or EUROPASS CV

• proof of previous work experience (workbook, work contract, reference letter, description of your work, employer's declaration, ...)

The candidate must submit the certificates, in so far as they are indicated in the CV and are linked in substance to the qualification, but are not an entry requirement for the NPK.
• Certificates of attendance and / or completion of a training program or training program
• Certificates,
• diplomas,
• other evidence of completed study obligations, etc.
• certificate of education and training providers on successful completion of education or training; training,
• certificate,
• license,
• company certificate of training, etc.

• If the candidate states in his CV that he already has a work experience from a professional field and can obtain reference letters from former employers or clients, he is encouraged to obtain reference letters.
• The candidate is also encouraged to document his / her work experience according to the individual qualifications.
• The following may be considered as evidence:
o practical work done at the workplace (product, model, program, etc.),
o a written product prepared by the candidate at the workplace (eg a completed project, a plan, a development task, a research, a study, a paper, an analysis, an essay, an evaluation report, a translation of a text, a small business account, a company plan, etc. .),
o services provided at the workplace.
• The candidate can prove his work experience by other means: eg. with awards from competitions, articles, articles, authorship or co-authorships of books and other publications
• The candidate must demonstrate unequivocally that the product or derivative service is in fact his work, even if it is a group (project) work. Authorship can be proved by written declarations of employers, project managers, awards, patents, photographs, etc.

50 hours
Price: 480 € (excluding VAT included) for payment: 586 €
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌