Certification authority: 
Bruxelles formation, Wallon region French Communauty, Frenh Communauty Commission of the Brussels Capital Region
EQF Level of the qualification: 
BE Belgium
Evaluate the core competences
needed for this job
Core competences 
Welcoming and support clients.
Shampoo and hair-care products.
Hygiene/safety /ergonomy.
Brushing, cutting and dressing hair.
Wrap-set and wave-set-style.
Shaving and trimming beards/haiyr dyeing and bleaching.
Commercial aspects.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Initial training scheme (pupil or student)
Continuous training scheme
Validation of prior learning
Description of the procedure for the validation of prior learning 

You have at least 18 yeras old and you have professional competences in the sector but you have no certification.

You may go to a Center of Validation of Competences (CVDC) where after an information session you may pass a validation test evaluate by professionnal of the sector in order to get a competences title recognize by the Wallon Region, French Communauty and the French Communauty of the Brussels Capital Region.    

For more information you have the website: and a youtube presentation explaining the process to follow for the validation of prior learning          


Documents needed 
  • Id card/Passport number.
  • Candidate must be accompany with a male model for the male haircut or female model for the female haircut test
  • Candidate must bring 3 clean towels
  • Candidate may come with it's own material if it is professional and operational otherwise the candidate may use CVDC material.     
Contact point 
  • In Wallonia Region: FOREM free phone number: 0800/93947
  • In  Brussels Region: Bruxelles Formation Carrefour: free phone number 0800 555 66
  • Centre of Validation EFP: 02/370.85.11      
1 hour for the male Haircut and 2h15 for the female hairtcut
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌