Maraîcher biologique sur petite surface

Certification authority: 
Bruxelles formation, Wallon region French Communauty, Frenh Communauty Commission of the Brussels Capital Region
EQF Level of the qualification: 
BE Belgium
Evaluate the core competences
needed for this job
Core competences 
To master the technics of organic vegatables and to implement them.
To know the vegetables, their growing cycle and their culinary interests.
To detect pathogenic agents and develop a plan to fight against these agents.
To know the infrastructures, material and necessary resources for the setting-up of an organic vegetable business.
To sell it's production: legislation, packaging and sale.
To be flexible with flucting timetable following the several seasons.
How can the certification be obtained? 
Initial training scheme (pupil or student)
Continuous training scheme
Validation of prior learning
Is it possible to obtain a partial validation?: 
No ❌